Thursday, September 05, 2013

Dinky Trek

Sometimes you find little gems in odd places, this shot from a German Toy Fair in the 70s shows two Dinky employees relieving boredom by having a Star Trek war. I love the sci fi stuff Dinky made in the 70s and should I ever get that money from my many frivolous lawsuits, I'm recreating the two bottom shelves of this picture.

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Anonymous said...

I have the Dinky Space:1999 Eagles, UFO Interceptor, Shado Mobile, Ed Straker's Car and have recently replaced my long gone Star Trek Klingon Battle Cruiser and U.S.S. Enterprise. I also have the pocket sized Enterprise and Klingon diecasts released when "Star Trek The Motion Picture" came out ( unfortunately, not the ultra rare 'missile firing' versions which only saw limited release in the U.K. ). The Gerry Anderson stuff is pretty faithfully reproduced, indicating the close working relationship Gerry Anderson and Dinky had, with minimal 'toyetic' modifications made for the obligatory action features. The Star Trek toys are...well...somewhat less faithful recreations ( although the Klingon ship is closer in it's proportions to it's onscreen counterpart than the Enterprise ). I still treasure these well crafted toys - some of which can be picked up, in excellent shape, for fairly decent prices secondhand. Strangely, the most expensive one for me to re-acquire was the least impressive looking; The big U.S.S. Enterprise!



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