Monday, September 23, 2013

Electric Generations

Now available at participating "Dad 'n Lad" locations


Marty said...

Where was THIS when I had to pick a tux/suit for my recent wedding.

Dang but we would have rocked the pink ;)

RaphEmer said... That's all I can say. Wow.

I just can't imagine anyone choosing to wear a pink suit. And I especially can't imagine a father and his son both wearing matching pink suits.



Anonymous said...

Every time one of these snapshots from the past appears on Plaid Stallions, I'm forcibly struck by the same thought: people truly knew how to dress back then. The whole emphasis was on looking one's absolute best, wearing clothes that positively screamed "I have good taste and genuine class".

Not like today, where people insist on wearing fashions inspired by unsavory criminal subcultures. To make matters worse, then those same copy-cats have the nerve to yowl about being "profiled", namely being treated exactly like the kind of hoodlums they have spent so much effort resembling. If a young man insists on dressing like some gang-member in "Menace II Society" then little wonder the local neighborhood watch volunteers are going to suspect him of being one.

Before anyone starts repeating Al Sharpton's latest hyperboles on the subject, this sort of foolishness isn't restricted to people of color or even young people. There are far too many mature Caucasian men who delight in equally ill-advised costuming and, judging by the grey in their beards, are more than old enough to know better. Dressing like a faux-outlaw biker from "Sons Of Anarchy" means that local law enforcement will respond accordingly, especially when they notice such a disreputable-looking character driving around in an upmarket import sedan.

If law-abiding folks made an effort to dress their best and left criminal fashions to the criminals, all these problems would be avoided. A dapper young teenager walking home in his gorgeously textured electric suit and coordinating pink footwear (like the fellow shown) wouldn't be confused with some hoodlum casing houses in the dark. Likewise when a gent is wearing those knife-creased, powder-blue flares and fabulous high-heeled platform shoes, it's self-evident he has wealth, prestige, good breeding, and deserves to be treated accordingly.

Anonymous said...

The pink version needs a big-rimmed pink hat... platform shoes... etc...


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