Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Official Space:1999 Moon Car

This toy by AHI is pretty topical considering last week's Gerry Anderson centric pod cast.  I don't own it but I am lucky enough to know the owner, so I had the opportunity to photograph it at this year's MegoMeet.

Turns out this piece is crazy rare, even rarer then the Superfriends buggy I drool over once in a while. It seems that AHI produced less numbers on items that went outside their usual low cost price point.

An item like this would be a few bucks more than a parachuting figure or a water pistol, so I imagine it didn't get produced in the same volume. This may be the rarest item AHI produced for Space:1999, known boxed versions can be counted on your hand.

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Anonymous said...

Arrggg..I hate when you point out how rare and valuable something like this is knowing that I owned one as a child.. Mom put it in the goodwill donation box long long ago...


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