Monday, September 30, 2013

The Concerto

At this risk of going too nerdy, is anyone else getting a 6th Doctor vibe from this. A "far cooler, probably would have worked better" 6th Doctor vibe?

Beginning tomorrow, PlaidStallions will swap over into full on Halloween mode with weekly posts about all things Orange 'n Black until the end of the month.,It's gonna get spooky.  


Anonymous said...

When they finally get around to a black Doctor Who, this is what he should look like!

Anonymous said...

What comment Numbah One said! We'll all see the Second Coming before that ever happens, sadly enough.

Personally, the only vibe I'm getting from Mighty Mustache is a "Sir, take your hand out of your jacket and stand still." Mighty Mustache just wasn't the right model for this outfit; it makes him look seedy for some reason. Dapper Dude to the lady's left, however, brings out the very best in the ensemble. He literally is The Black Doctor. Classy, mysterious, has a penetrating stare, and he is just rocking that coat's collar. On Mighty Mustache, the same collar just spreads out too much. Looks like it was adjusted by the same the wardrobe supervisor who did Christopher Lee's corny "Dracula" costumes.

On a side note, did anyone else notice the literally world-class polishing done on Dapper Dude's shoes? This is why clothes make the man.


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