Friday, March 22, 2013

Pod-Stallions Episode one: Growing up Who

I'm very happy to unveil Pod-Stallions, our new monthly podcast series which will be dedicated to discussing such important matters as Planet of the Apes week or long reminisces about ToyShop magazine.

Joining me each show will be my pal and co chair Jason Lenzi, who people might know from the great "Geek Shall Inherit" show. 

We hope each month to pick a topic and relate how it felt to us in the day, including cringe inducing tales. All that and schoolyard rumors, action figures and more trivia than we should probably know.

That leads us to Episode one: Growing up...Who.

Listen or download episode one here

Jason and I are both crazy, obsessive Doctor Who nerds from childhood, but I watched it in Canada while he was in Minnesota, how did the experience differ? What was the catalyst for us to stop watching?  Were we public about our obsession? Did visiting the dirty magazine store make a man out of Jason? All answers revealed in this double sized pilot episode.

Show Guide:

This is the commercial for the Palitoy talking Dalek, the same one Brian got out of the back of Starlog in 1984.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my wife and I have really enjoyed your blog for a few years now, but we unfortunately can't listen to your podcast. The problem is there's too much (skype?) breakup and sudden, sharp noise spikes amidst the quieter speech.

Anonymous said...

Hella Nice podcast, looking forward to hear more of em,
also loved the little intro with the Roy Budd theme, I just picked up that Get Carter LP for 2euro hehe :P

Dutch Geezer

Plaidstallions said...

Hello Anonymous people!

#1 Thanks for the input, yes, I'm working on the quality. I'm a bit of a Luddite but I'm going to keep trying to make a better sounding show. Please, let me know what you think going forward.

#2- Thanks for noticing! Both Jason and I love "Get Carter" so it was really fitting. As an aside, I'm a big man but I'm out of shape.

Galaxy Ghoul said...

Just wanted to say great first show. I'm not a big Dr. Who guy, but I love hearing early stories of fandom of any kind. Doesn't matter what you're into, a lot of those experiences are universal.

well done, guys. Can't wait for the next one.

Andrew Rubio said...

Loved this! Brought back a lot of my own personal Who memories. You guys work well together. Can't wait for you next podcast.

Joseph said...

Love this very good podcast !


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