Monday, March 11, 2013

Creepy Uncle brand sweaters

Only the very best for the middle aged man who still lives with your grandparents and always tries to give your cousins wine.


Goatherder said...

The gent on the left looks like a creepy Roger Moore.

Anonymous said...

Nothing says "natural pose" like sticking your hands into pockets the size of matchbooks. Why do I get the feeling that the guy with the 'fro has been seen on many a playground?

Goatherder said...

Dude on the right looks like a real-life Beavis, no?

Ecwforever said...

Yeah, I guess the guy on the right has been on playgrounds when he was a kid, but so what? That's no big deal. He wouldn't do it now because every kid is too dorky for him to be around even if he still wears that outfit today.


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