Sunday, March 10, 2013

Colouring Book Theatre: Space:1999

Space: 1999 cut and colour book Saalfield 1975

I can't believe that I've never done a Space:1999 colouring book theater before now.

My nostalgia for this series in the mid eighties is the thing that lead me into toy collecting in the first place, so you can say that the foundation of the site is Moonbase Alpha, actually don't say that, it sounds weird.

What I find humorous about 1999 is that you'd never see such a merchandising blitz for a science fiction show these days (Doctor Who excepted).

This book is by Saalfield and may be the only colouring book in the history of time  that has Christopher Lee on the cover. Obviously the artists at Saalfied had a great deal of promotional material to look at as the aliens on the cover come from three separate episodes.

The moon breaks out of Earth orbit after the jump...

Dune coloring book

Like a lot of 1999 merchandise, much of the focus is on the show's principle actors, because kids across the world wanted a book mark with the face of Barbara Bain on it. This book has a LOT of blank pages in it to accommodate the "Cut" portion of the title.

Dune coloring book

Yep, this what we had before VCRs, this and fotonovels.

Dune coloring book

Likeness comes and goes in this thing which is the colouring book standard.

Dune coloring book

Colouring this would be like coloring a picture of my grandfather, he missed his calling as Barry Morse's stunt double. I like how they've drawn Professor Bergman's hair here, not unlike pigpen from Charlie Brown. I won't laugh too hard as I am sort of staring at my own future here....

Dune coloring book

This looks like it was taken from about five different stills, all mashed together.

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Scott said...

LOL! I just bought this same coloring book on eBay a few weeks ago.


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