Friday, March 01, 2013

1979 Kenner Butch and Sundance Catalog

In 1979, Kenner toys launched just a dandy line of action figures on a Western, "Butch and Sundance the early days" was a prequel to 1969's mega hit "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"  but without Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Instead we were left with Tom Berenger and William Katt (who would be a very sought after action figure a few years later)

The movie flopped at the box office but the Kenner toys were so nicely made that I'm sure many kids dug them. Kenner even tried to expand the line without the Butch and Sundance branding in 1980.

Check out the 1979 Kenner Butch and Sundance catalog.


ED said...

This version of William Katt is certainly less creepy than the GAH figure.

Anonymous said...

I had the OC Hanks figure as a kid! I had no idea at the time or even up until now, what collection that toy went with. You've done it again Brian, THANKS!!

Bluesnaggs said...

O.C. Hanks was played by none other than Brian Dennehy.


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