Friday, March 15, 2013

1974 APC Puzzle Catalog

Who didn't love Puzzles in a can? American Publishing Corporation sure knew what kids liked in 1974, their collection included the DC comics Superheroes, Universal Monsters, Dinosaurs even the Lone Ranger himself!

Check out the cool Puzzle displays here

This one's a little light this week, I've been battling the flu lately but next week I have a cool surprise with the first episode of our shiny new podcast.


Darryl Heine said...

Did APC also make 4 Wacky Packages style jigsaw puzzles in a can at the same 1974 time? There were Croke, Brick, Jolly Green Jerk, and Up Chucks.

estetik said...

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Anonymous said...

I worked at American Puzzle co in 1970 it was common for puzzles coming off clicker (punch press)machene to back up at canning machine and fall on floor the guys from Canada would pick up mixed up pcs off floor and just put handful in can and seal it. reason a large % has missing or mixed up pcs. I would drop new penny in cans so often you will find pinny in can.


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