Friday, October 19, 2012

1974 Centsable Halloween Catalog


Centsable, the people behind Socker Boppers also did a good business in Halloween costumes, who knew? This 1974 catalog shows that while they did in fact have several decent licenses like the Hanna Barbera clan , they were not above creating some of the ballsiest knock offs of the decade nor did the seem to have and fear of Stan Lee or Universal Studios.

It's a fun trip filled with not only costumes but Halloween decorations too.

Want to see more Halloween costumes? We've got an expansive library of titles and years to peruse.


jimm said...

Man, those big-heads are awesome...fragile I bet

Devlin Thompson said...

It looks to me like Centsible is either a later incarnation of Austin Art, or that they bought them out. Was there an Omaha address anywhere on a mailing label or order form?


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