Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hot Wheels Halloween

Robert from Retro Hound sent in this vintage pic of him and his sis decked for Halloween 1972 in their Collegeville goodness. Thanks Robert!


phairhead said...

AH! Pufnstuf & Witchiepoo! good times :D

Neal P said...

I had that Hot Wheels costume in first grade. We had a thing at school where each class would parade through the other classes to show off their costumes. In every class, at least five or six kids would ask me, "Who are you supposed to be?" I mean, I have Hot Wheels emblazoned across my chest! So much for our public education system. After the third classroom, I was really annoyed. I kept yelling at the kids, "I'm Hot Wheels, what do you think I am?" Of course, in retrospect, claiming that I was a toy car does sound a little strange.

Retro Hound said...

I guess I thought I was a Hot Wheels driver, not the car.


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