Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween: 1973

James didn't have any vintage Halloween photos to submit  so he sent in a video of his cool Halloween party from '73. James is dressed as Frankenstein but I also spotted a Collegeville The Spider costume, which I think I wore in '75.
Thanks James!
 For more 1973 check out the Collegeville Costume Catalog from that year:


Wings1295 said...

Wow! Such a cool glimpse into the past! Love the kids always adjusting their plastic masks! LOL

Don said...

LOLZ! I remember my younger cousin wore that same spider costume in 1980. He told me he was Spiderman. I had to break it to him, no he wasn't. Hilarious that that sub par spider costume made the rounds for so many years.

Anonymous said...

THANKS James!!! A most excellent
Frankenstein costume and Frankenstein performance as well!!

THANKS Plaid Stallion too. Yours is such a fun site.

vintage Betty '06


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