Friday, October 05, 2012

Introduction to Horror

Really happy to be unveiling this today as it's something I've been sitting on  for a few weeks. What you're looking at is the intro to the Monster chapter of my  Rack Toys book. This was painted by the mad genius Matt "MonsterMatt" Patterson.

I met Matt at one of my favourite summer time haunts, the Clarence NY flea market, this past July. While we walked and talked, he showed me some of his incredible paintings and was apt to help out with the book.

I jokingly mentioned to him that I'd love to have an image of an AHI Frankenstein Jiggler being chased by villagers. That was pretty much all he needed and within a few days, he sent me quick sketches of the "monsterpiece" you now see.

Having Matt on board the project was just one of those things that really lifted my spirits and made the project that much more special to me.

Each person who orders this book from me will get a postcard of this image included with every copy.

Also Matt will be setting up at the Buffalo Comic Con this Sunday, drop by and see the painting in person. 

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Anonymous said...

Monster Matt is Awesome, he also did a pinup pg in my comic book Death Shriek, which you can also see at the Buffalo Comicon!


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