Sunday, July 31, 2011

Unleashing the Mantooth

It is with great pride that I open up the ordering for the Brick Mantooth doll.

Some important information:
  •  This is just for Brick, it does not include the Mego Museum Supercollector outfit, those will be back in stock in mid August at the same URL. (The mini museums are a pain to make)
  • This is the first batch, if I sell out, it does not mean I am out of the figure, just out of assembled sets. Every one will get one, the boxes in my garage assure you.
  • These are coming from Canada and take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days, Canada Post doesn't work weekends either.
  • The doll comes as shown, you may or may not have to dress him yourself. This Depends on whether your set was assembled by Gallant (my friend, who lovingly dressed each one) or Goofus (obviously me, who was getting tired and hungry by this point).

It doesn't have to end there....

Once you get the doll, it doesn't have to end with you placing it on your desk. You've just opened up a world of opportunity in the world of Mego customizing. There are literally thousands of ways you can now personalize Brick. Here are a few online retailers that sell clothing and other bibs and bobs to make Mantooth completely yours: We wouldn't have this figure without Dr Mego and he makes a lot of cool stuff.
Castaway toys- Boots, belts, jumpsuits, even vintage Action Jackson sets that will fit Brick.
Classic Tv Toys- Lots of custom fodder including Brady bunch clothes

If you still can't quite find that special outfit, check out the Megomuseum forums as there are several Mego scale tailors for hire.

More Mantooth Coming Soon:

As with any toy line, there will be lots of fun extras coming down the pike

I want this to be interactive, so if you buy a Brick and alter it in any way (like Brick 5 here) please send me some shots. Take him on a trip? I wanna see! Did you puppy eat him? Send it down (but you're a very bad boy...oh I can't stay mad at you...)

Lastly, Thanks to:

I know I'm rambling but thanks and props have to go to the people who made this happen:
Scott Sansom (Sculptor), Scott Adams (Art and Design), Steve Stolk (Printing), Paul "Dr Mego" Clarke (our man in China), Steve Moore (Outfit prototyping), Ed Leung (doll dresserer), my wonderful wife and children who seem to ignore that their father is insane.

And many thanks to you, the reader, for supporting or at least enjoying this mad idea that clearly has gone too far.


Tex said...

Ordered mine this morning as soon as I saw the announcement!

Just a basic Brick, nothing fancy. But I can see he's gonna join the Star Fleet and hang out with his old pal, Jim.

(mine's ordered under my real name--Charles--and is headed for Pascagoula)

Plaidstallions said...

I'm packing him as I write this sir, thanks for being customer number one.

Tex said...

Not a problem. And thank YOU, sir, for unleashing the Mantooth!

(who needs to send a picture of Captain 70s)

John III said...

Way to go Brian! It's like you raised a thousand clones and are sending them out to conquer you an Empire!

PDXWiz said...

This is EXTREMELY awesome! I really enjoyed Dr. Mego's Trek figures, and I'd love to get him dressed up as a Starfleet Command Section or Science/Medical Section Officer (none of that redshirt stuff for The Brick!).

Also, I think it would be cool to dress him up in the LJN Emergency! paramedic outfit so he could hang out saving people with his cousin, Randolph Mantooth! Another role that would have been cool, except Mego didn't bid on the project, was the Battlestar Galactica line; Randy played a human wearing a silver spacesuit, which would be too awesome, facing Brick in a Colonial Warrior outfit. (You see where I'm going with this, do the Randy Mantooth roles for dioramas; dress him up as Big Jim for outdoor action, etc.)

I want this bad, it is awesome! Dang the economy...but someday, I will get one! He is the ultimate in coolness for this grown kid of the 70s! :) (Scuse me, I'll calm down now.)

Gordon Long

Tex said...




Got him out of the box, and he now has his belt on.

Knowing Brick, it won't stay on for long ("Hello, Ladies!")

I hope you sell a TON of these, then we can get a Guy Karate figure.

(all Brick needs now is a plaid jacket)

Sellino Films said...

When does the Brick Mantooth movie come out?


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