Friday, July 01, 2011

1981 Fisher Price Adventure People Catalog

After blasting on the scene and creating the 3 3/4" revolution six years earlier, the Fisher Price Adventure people were still going strong in a Science Fiction crazed world.

While still focusing on earth bound fun like camping and driving race cars, the Adventure People were also looking to the stars in 1981 with the launch of the Alpha Space Probe, a real sign of the times.

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Scott KC said...

Oh man, I love your site. I stumbled on to your site looking for Fisher-Price info. While I am a child of the 70's(1977) I mostly grew up in the 80's, but I had 2 older brothers(68', 70') so I inherited tons of 70's toys, & clothes(Wore a plaid jacket over a tan vest, and pants to my first communion in 1982, I looked like a used car salesman while everyone else was going to the yacht club-navy blazers & gold buttons) and I think there was enough residual disco glory by the time I was aware (1980-1981?)Which brings me to the alpha probe! I was a Gil Gerard/Buck Rogers and Real Space Shuttle freak in 1980/81 and I woke up on Christmas morn to find the adventure people Alpha probr, a highlight of my life- quite possibly one of my alltime favorite toys ever. We also had (and I have passed it to my 6 yr old son) The Adv. People Rescue vehicle, and the boat. At the time I didnt even realize were F-P stuff. I thought the sea explorer was the boat from flipper and the Alpha Probe was a Buck Rogers ship. Hah love the site GREAT WORK!


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