Friday, July 15, 2011

1978 Mattel Tarzan and Friends Catalog

Big Jim may have been long gone but his body got a lot work in 1978 when Mattel launched a series of action figures based on TV properties like Tarzan, How the West was Won and Grizzly Adams. Many of these items were made utilitzing items from the European Big Jim offerings at the time which unless you were from Italy, would be blissfully unaware of.

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R.A.M.'67 said...

Friggin' cool! I never knew there were toys for How the West was Won and Tarzan back then!

Tarzan looks great, though if his loincloth were any lighter in color, it might as well be white swim trunks or a diaper!

Too bad the James Arness action figure got stuck in the center of the picture like it did!

Grizzly Adams and Ben look pretty darn good. Obviously, Nakoma and the Native American from HtWwW have the same head molds!

Marvelous post!

Dantheman said...

Didn't Mattel reuse the jungle cat from the Tarzan line as Battle Cat and Panthor in the Masters of the Universe line? I think Zoar and Screech were also a reuse of a Big Jim falcon, as well.

Mark said...

Cool figures, but that bear from Grizzly Adams looks like he ate way too much thai food.

Unknown said...

I remember wanting that bear as a kid!!


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