Friday, July 22, 2011

70s Captain America Merchandise Tribute Gallery

Growing up, one of my favourite Superheroes of all time was Marvel Comic's Sentinel of Lberty, Captain America! Which is totally weird because I'm Canadian, but I digress. As a child, the good Captain adorned a ton of merchandise that I do not own. Fortunately, I know one of Cap's biggest fans Tim A (Marvelmania on the Megomuseum forum) who was gracious enough to share the gems of his staggering collection with us.

From the wonderful... the downright strange, we've got a smattering of Cap goodies that will have you slinging your shield at Ebay before you know it.

Visit the Plaidstallions Captain America Merchandise Gallery for More

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PDXWiz said...

Very interesting stuff and the pics linked to as well. I probably would have liked most of these as a kid.

The Red Skull mask---that Red Skull must be from the universe where villains Owl Man (Batman), Superwoman (Wonder Woman), Ultraman (Superman), Johnny Quick (The Flash), and Power Ring (Green Lantern) were the Crime Syndicate of America on Earth-Three (heroes here are villains there), and the only hero is Alexander Luthor (Supes' foe Lex Luthor). Columbus discovered Europe, President John Wilkes Booth was assassinated by Abraham Lincoln.... So hero Red Skull probably lived on that world, too. :-D

Neat pix!

Gordon Long

John III said...

Captain America and a revolver. Interesting.

Jack Norris said...

Hey! I had (probably still have) that issue of Marvel Team-Up with Spidey and Cap with the Gil Kane art that they used for that kid's t-shirt!

Unknown said...

Gosh I miss the days when a kid could walk into the store with a buck.. get a great toy, and have plenty of change left over for candy!

Rod Whitenack said...

Oh. My. God. I had that overly busy Spider-man/Captain America comic book pannel t-shirt as a kid! I remember going out to play wearing it, and we were running around playing tag, and I started to sweat. I was terrified that my sweat would ruin my awesome shirt. I wanted my shirt to stay in mint condition for all to read. What a strange child I must have been!


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