Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Dinosaur Love

Like a lot of boys (and many girls) I went through a passionate "Dinoasur phase" in the late seventies, this was the "Pre empire period" in between Star Wars and just after "The Black Hole" rocked my world. My choice of figures to collect were these English made figures by a company called Inpro (Thank you internets).

These figures were crack to me, I absolutely adored them and will hunt them down again with the exception of one, this guy who is still in my possession after all these years.

Triceratops, my favourite of all Dinosaurs (I'm not sure as to the why) even followed me to college, he's never leaving my side.


Lisa said...

I had those!!! Technically, still have them, as they're somewhere in my parents' basement. Looking at the banner picture, I remember the first on the left and the third, and also the weird half-leopard looking one second from right.

The only one I don't still have is my absolute favorite. I considered "her" to be the only girl dinosaur in the set, because a slip of the paint machine (none of them were too carefully painted, if I remember rightly) had left her with bright red "lipstick". Unfortuantely, that was the one my then three-year-old brother decided to flush down the toilet!!! :-(

Wings1295 said...

Had some myself, I think. Long gone.

Bubbashelby said...

Funny how often these cheapo plastic toys are the most fondly remembered. I like to think of it as the 'Rosebud effect.'

Dolly the Bird said...

I love your blog...and the website!
Stylish Blogger mention to you!!:
Dolly The Bird

johnmiic said...

Dino Love seems so apropo when you notice what the Teradactyl is doing to the sabre-toothed tiger in the middle. At least it's legal in NY now.


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