Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mickey Mouse Light Up Drawing Desk

I still totally have my Mickey Mouse light up drawing desk and you can still see where I drew on the actual surface in pen (I was never classified as "gifted" as a child). Despite losing the majority of the sheets (I may still have the Robin Hood ones) this set was of great value to me right up until adult hood when I dreamed of becoming the next Jack Kirby.

Fortunately, the world was spared my amazing superhero adventures in an untimely coffee accident, it was for the better. I get the douche chills when I read those pages now.

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Dewey Dot said...

i had this, too! really wish i still did ... my kids would love to play with it. i bought them a Cars tracing desk, but they would love the mickey pages.

can i convince you to scan the trace sheets and share? :)



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