Sunday, August 15, 2010

Colouring Book Theatre: Planet of the Apes Cut and Color Book

Planet of the Apes Cut and Color Book"
Any childrens publication that uses a nightmarish scene of slave apes gunning down their human tormentors from "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" is ok in my book.

This isn't your typical colouring book inside either, it's more of a rainy day craft book filled with puzzles, games and stuff I find boring now but probably would have had my full attention in 1975.

This is another from Saalfield and while about half the pages are blank, it has some fun inside.Check it out after the jump:

Cut out figures dominate this piece like this Cornelius, a handy little swipe from the "Escape from the Planet of the Apes" poster.
The part of a Taylor in this book is going to be played by Stuart Margolin. Charlton Heston didn't lend his likeness to apes merchandise in the 1970s, this fills me with sadness.

I've made this file extra big so you can print it out and be an ape today, come on, get to it!

Finally, a little film strip depicting the famous ending to the original film, as we all remember Taylor gently kisses Nova and walks off into the sunset, the end!...aaaaaaawhhaaaa?

If you have a colouring book you'd like to guest review, I'd like to hear from you!


R.S. Sterling said...

wow, Cornelius looks badass in that photo, all chest out standing up straight!

Alphacentaurian said...

"Hey, I've got Brighteyes to think about!"

rob! said...

Found in the childrens aisle of every gun store.


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