Friday, August 06, 2010

Retro Playgrounds Volume 5

Time to travel back in time and take a look and see what recreation drug use and what appears to be a complete lack of concern for child safety can produce with volume five of Retro Playground Equipment.

It's whacky, weird and I totally miss this stuff.

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Monsterforge said...

You know... considering the horrific nature of that Wizard of Oz swing set, I don't for a minute think it's odd that my captcha was "unsee."

That Bell Buoy set-up is a lawsuit waiting to happen...

wee67 said...

I can clearly remember how exciting it was to come across one of these cool special playgrounds. Monkey bars and swings were fun, but make into the shape of sometihng- pure kid heaven!

Meatball said...

Hey! My old hometown park had those flowers and that scarecrow double swing!! They might even still be there.. I'll have to find out.

John III said...

All that metal to hurt yourself on. Ahh, good times!

P.S. Wanna play Lawn Jarts?


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