Monday, August 09, 2010

One Step Closer to Mantoothedness

From the "I wasn't kidding" department:  I should have probably mentioned that two months ago the packaging for the Brick Mantooth dolls arrived from China.

Around February I gave some money to this guy I know, after two months of no communication, more money was requested. This all seemed to be leading down the path of tears but in June I got two large boxes of Odeon Toys logo'd goodness.

 The art is by my good buddy and Mego Museum co-conspirator Scott Adams and seeing these slick little solid boxes in person is both awe inspiring and intimidating.

I'm pretty inspired that I had the wearwithall to actually take a crazy idea and see it through but I'll be plenty intimidated when I have a garage full of a plastic replica of that very same crazy idea in the coming months.

Like any sensible boy in this situation would, I've already begun plans on a villain.


Meatball said...

The villain HAS to be Guy Karate!!!

John III said...

Maybe the villian could be an 80's glam-rocker. And Brick has to fight him to keep the 70's alive.

Arkonbey said...

Is there going to be a contest to choose the villain from among the throngs of models? and/or a name-choosing?

Oh, and that is AWESOME, btw

R. Sterling Gray said...

Oh man, Can't WAIT for this!!!!

Tex said...


(alias Captain 70s)
"Why yes, I DO want a Jason King action figure. Why do you ask?"

PS--Another vote for Guy Karate as the villain.


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