Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Creepy Pajama Likes

Man, this is taking togetherness too far even the Brady's would pass on this. Was anyone who is reading forced to dress in uniform like this? Are you ok now? Do you want to talk about it, phone lines are open.....

Life on Mars News: ABC has ordered four additional episodes of their 70s/time travel series which is optomistic if not overwhelmingly good news for the series. It's being moved to Wednesday nights after Lost (which should work out well) but it's not coming back until January 28th (grrr!).

I have really been digging it, it's differentiated itself from the UK version (and happily dropped the pop culture references every few minutes, those were annoying) and become this wonderfully dreamlike series that I can't miss. Jason O'Mara does a terrific job as Sam as well and this is coming from someone who thinks the world of John Simm in the original production.

If you haven't already visit the Life on Mars site.


Arkonbey said...

'retardant'? more like 'retarded'.

Sorry, I was an annoying little brat in the '70s, so in the spirit of the site, it had to be said :P

chunky B said...

LOL, I was just thinking that Arkonbey!

Does anyone remember the big deal with the flame retardant PJs causing cancer or something back then? I think I lost my Spidey PJs because of that scare.

Anonymous said...

This bizarro family has caused little sis to check out of reality; Pooh, her only confidant.

wurwolf said...

Clearly this came from a Sears catalog, as Sears held an iron-fisted rule over all things Pooh in the 70s.

What the hell is going on in that family? Eldest son is making a muscle for Mom to feel while Dad looks on in approval? Also, the daughters and the youngest son are wearing huge furry red slippers, leading me to believe that they are Elmo under all of those clothes. Truly, a bizarre picture.

And speaking of bizarre family gatherings, Brian, I wish you and everyone else here a wonderful Thanksgiving. Stuff yourselves full!

P.S. My word verification is "grobbl", which is weirdly appropriate for Thanksgiving. Or maybe the Hamburglar stopped by.

Keith said...

I am glad ABC hasn't bailed on Life On Mars yet. I've got fears that they would. I'm still not confident that they will keep it on. Moving it after Lost is a good sign. Maybe it will get some of the Lost audience.


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