Friday, November 14, 2008

Kenner's Duke

Before becoming a true 70's juggernaut with licensed lines like "Star Wars" and the "Six Million Dollar Man", Kenner was more experimental with their action figure branding, often creating fun generic lines such as Steve Scout and Duke The Dog.

Duke truly was an original concept, never had a toy line such as this been tailor made for a character who didn't even wear pants. The resulting toys were kind of surreal but oddly cool.

Duke lasted a couple of years actually and would see TV star "Run Joe Run" added to the line as well.

More Goodness from the fine people at Kenner:

kenner butch sundance toys

Over at Sitcom Diablo I've penned a list (I know) entitled "The worst Sitcom replacement characters ever" Please do check it out.


Video Zeta One said...

The sitcom was an integral and much cherished part of a 70's kid's life. Chico & the Man, Good Times, James at 15.... ahhhh, you are doing the world a service with your new blog. I salute you.

I've posted on the same topic of bad TV replacements at retrospace- casualties of the Darrin syndrome. Check it out when you get a chance.

Arkonbey said...

Wow. A dog that has a subterranean lair with a periscope. Take that, Rin Tin Tin!

wee67 said...

I'm sorry, but this is just a silly line. Only the rescue unit makes even a bit of sense. As a 6-yr-old, I'm sure I felt the same. I hope there's a huge painting in the Kenner HQ, showing the guy who got them the Star Wars license.


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