Wednesday, November 19, 2008


One of the things that bother me about Barbie is the fact that her hands can't hold anything, not that I'd go on a shopping spree if she did mind you. I was surprised to find out that in 1973, an opposable thumb was actually a selling feature on both her and Ken. I'm surprised it didn't last, it just seems to add a whole new dimension of play.

Then again, maybe not, my daughter seems pretty content changing outfits and getting Barbie married every five minutes.


Well, as promised, I've put together a contest to win 12 sets of PlaidStallions Trading cards (plus hopefully some other goodness not officially available yet) I'm not going to labour you with trivia questions or anything like that, it's simple.

Just send me your name, address and the answer to the following question: What do you think should be the next PlaidStallions trading card?

Email your answers here

There is no wrong answer, however if someone actually guess one of them right, I'll send them a vintage toy on the house.

Contest closes Sunday, One entry per person please.


Anonymous said...

Barbie with Kung-Fu grip?

Anonymous said...

It didn't last because Barbie would usually lose her thumbs. Amputee Barbie just wasn't too popular...

rob! said...

why is Ken wearing Magnus Robot Fighter's tunic?

chunky B said...

... and when was the last time you wore a belt over your shirt, that Ken cutting edge of fashion!


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