Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Botany Brothers

The Turtle Neck/Jacket combination is a little something I like to call the "Botany 500" look, named after the men's clothing label that provided wardrobe to many seventies celebs such as Merv Griffen. Just about every thug who chased Cannon (I guess you just had to walk fast) or threw a swing at Barnaby Jones so rocked this look.


Anonymous said...

was there no hair stylist on that set? the kid on the right looks like he just woke up.

Anonymous said...

slacks... those were the days :)
"but mom, I don't wanna get beat up today!"

Video Zeta One said...

The sports jacket turtleneck combo worked for the 70's ladies man... not so much for the boys' size 8 crowd.

Anonymous said...

The blonde kid looks like the fugliest 'starlet' on the planet, Rumer Willis...

Alphacentaurian said...

I gotta say it:
it's the Joe Don Baker junior fan club!

Wonder what the Linda Evans fan club looks like?

Cee said...

Bad memories of this being my " formal " outfit as chosen by my mother for four years ( age 8-12 ).

One jacket was burgandy and the other dark brown worn with flared slacks in either red, white and black check plaid, dark brown or beige :):P

I had several thin cotton turtlenecks like the ones above in the usual '70s variety of colors as well as three medium thick ribbed turtleneck sweaters.

The collars on the turtleneck sweaters were so long, if I folded them over only once the collar still ran up over my chin and jaw like a medical collar !


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