Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random scenes from a 70's department store

I recently got a copy of a catalog from a Dolgin's department store (I've never heard of them either) and I loved the little images on the cover. People in a mustard yellow store buying mustard yellow things and even though these are likely staged shots, there is some nostalgia to be had.

Ah the toy department shot, bet it had the giant letters spelling out "TOYS" on the wall. That dad looks cooler than I will ever be in my whole life.

The guy on the right is wearing Department store camoflague. I can't help but think that stores should start splashing around a little orange and yellow again....

Results from last week's trading card contest:

While I'm sorry to announce that nobody guessed either one of the next two cards correctly, I'm happy to announce that everybody who played won a set of PS trading cards plus another goody.

I was pretty over whelmed by the positive response, the amount of good ideas and I just didn't feel like telling anybody they weren't a winner, so everybody goes home with something.

What was the number one guess? Without a doubt, Shogun Warriors by Mattel, it's something that just has to happen it seems.

What was the strangest one? Milky, the milking cow (sorry Mike, probably ain't gonna happen!)

Anyway, thanks to all for playing, you'll be getting a packet in the mail shortly.


Anonymous said...

You know how Playmobile people's hair snaps on to their heads? I think the couple to the left of Cool Dad snapped their hair on too.

chunky B said...

Those pictures are priceless, reminds me of the old TG&Y back in the day.

Also sweet news about the trading cards, I just received a couple of the Mego Museum ones, my first, which I'm assuming you did and they are all sorts of crazy awesome.

Ian Sokoliwski said...

I suppose that people wouldn't know that the stuff on that one wall could be used for gifts without the giant letters spelling out GIFTS :)

This is making me nostalgic for going Christmas shopping in downtown Winnipeg with my Mom and Grandma. Specifically, Christmas shopping at the big Eaton's store downtown.

NOW, it's the MTS Centre.

Video Zeta One said...

In the '70s, the entire color palette consisted of brown, green, gold, brick, rust and sand. No exceptions.

JFStan said...

Not just green, Gilligan, Avocado Green! :)

Anonymous said...

Dolgin's was a catalog showroom chain with stores in St. Louis and Kansas City. You filled out a ticket with the catalog number, paid for the item, and picked it up off of a rolling conveyor straight from the warehouse. They were very popular during the 60s and 70s, but finally closed down around 1988 after years of poor sales. I spent many a day in the Kansas City Dolgin's stores eyeing the toy and electronics departments as a kid.


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