Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sweaters : A child's worst enemy

Opening a sweater when you're eight is an odd experience, you couldn't care less about it but you know you have to be polite and thank your aunt for it. I still hate sweaters to this day but I now like it when I get socks for Christmas.

Well meaning grandmothers everywhere probably thought the entire family would love matching itchy sweaters, I mean the family in the catalog looks so happy!

I hope one of these is under my tree this year, that would be fantastic!

Ask Santa for these:

Energized Spiderman and his helicopter sure had a big marketing budget, that commercial ran during Battle of the Planets for months on end. It's weird, Spider-man didn't have a helicopter, nor did he need it but I really wanted one!

Wonder Woman, the Bionic Woman and Donnie & Marie represent every show my sister watched back then. Jamie gets kind of the shaft when it comes to play sets though, a classroom?


Anonymous said...

The Donnie & Marie playset, had that. Also had this odd D&M assignment in grade school:

Unknown said...

My grandmother actually did that. One year we all opened Christmas presents with holiday sweaters inside. I think we looked as silly in our picture as they do. Happy too though. Oh the good old days.


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