Sunday, December 03, 2006

Super Happy Flea Market Score

micronauts comics

I ventured to the stinky flea market today with both kids (our coats are now outside) and scored this awesome Micronauts three pack of Whitman comics. I used to love these poly bags of reprints but this one is especially cool thanks to the screen printing and the BI-Way price tag on it. Bi-Way was a Canadian chain of "Bargain" stores that had some pretty killer toys in the 70's, they died around 1999.

I'm going to try and find the Star Wars and Charlton versions of these poly bags, I needed another obsession.....

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Anonymous said...

I think there may have been two polybags of "Micronauts" comics. I would swear I saw #4,5 and 6 available as a set, too. "Star Wars" seemed to benefit most from these reprints. At least the first 12 (maybe more) issues of the comic were bagfed and available at five-and-dime stores, department stores, and elsewhere.

On the subject of the Micronauts, Bill Mantlo, who wrote the series, was injured and suffered head trauma. There's a benefit comic being assembled over at

but letters of support, Christmas cards, etc can also be mailed c/o his family. Apparently his brother Mike reads them to him and it really cheers him up. The address is:

APT 12-E
NEW YORK, NY 10025

Say a prayer for the man. God knows he gave a lot of us happiness as kids.

--Claude Flowers


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