Monday, December 04, 2006

Space Lego Envy

space lego

I never had any Space Lego as a kid, it was the one that got away but I'd hang out with the nerdiest kid on the block for hours just to look at his collection. What wasn't to love? the ships with the little cars inside, the happy little spacemen, agh what bliss.

Nowadays, my wife collects this stuff, it's great to live vicariously through her....


Anonymous said...

Wow, a hundred bucks in 1982 dollars. I had the whole kit. Should thank my parents for being more generous than I realized.

Anonymous said...

This is one anonymous that DIDN'T get $100 toys as a kid.

$100!!!!!! Shit.

Anonymous said...

Oh man... I had the spaceship that was sort of 'between' the two ones featured in this ad. It had a cargo area that swong open and it came with a couple astronauts.

My friend up the street had the whole $100 collection. Lucky


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