Tuesday, December 05, 2006

1974 Saturday Morning Schedule

1974 saturday morning schedule

This brings back memories as to how much channel flipping I did back in the day and why I never saw certain shows.

We'd start the day with "Speed Buggy", then segway into "Scooby Doo", flipping over to "Hong Kong Phooey" for 9 then my sister would overpower me and watch "Run, Joe, Run" at 9:30 because it had a dog in it. I hated "Run, Joe, Run" with a passion but she was bigger than me.

That would run into "Land of the Lost" and then we'd hop to "Shazam". If we'd already seen "The Superfriends" we'd watch Harlem Globetrotters and Hudson Brothers. I used to actually like "These are the days" but I havem't seen it in years, we rarely got to see "Fat Albert" because by that time ,our parents would boot us out of the house.

I tried explaining Saturday Morning to my four year old, he didn't seem to grasp the concept that only having one day of cartoons (and Sunday reruns) was somehow better than his current "on Demand" channel of Cartoons and DVDs. Dammit, they were special!


Jon Hunt said...

WORD -- I keep getting the same quizzical reaction from my 7-year-old daughter. Its just not the same.

I *do* like that the Kids' WB has tried to bring back the whole "Saturday Morning Cartoon Special Stuff" format, with shows you cannot get on the Cartoon Network and such -- like Batman and Legion of Superheros -- and I've managed to somehow shoehorn my daughter into believing that its more special than the crap she gets the rest of the time.

(But hey -- I'm the guy who actually interrupts playings of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special by running her over to the computer to play her Dolly Madison commercials on YouTube to try to recreate the experience!!)

Plaidstallions said...

That Dolly Madison thing is brilliant, wish I'd thought of it.

I pretty much raised my son on DVD's of vintage cartoons but I still get really depressed when he sees Fred Flintstone and says "Thats the guy from my vitamins!"

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Saturday morning ROCKED in the 70s! Even today, every Saturday morning, I get my sugar coated bliss, and watch my classics on video in my Scooby Doo PJs! I had gotten one kid I used to take care of hooked on The Bugaloos, Sigmund and Filmation Tarzan, while she sat eating Cocoa Krispies and watching w/ me on Saturday morning!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember my tv guide looking like this...but I do remember the land of the lost it was the bomb back then. but now I just laugh at it and think man I could make that dino look 10 times better with CG...thanks to workng in CG I think like that all the time now. that's why don't watch TV anymore..:) great shows though..


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