Friday, December 22, 2006

Kringle Krap Again!

"Yeah Billy beat the crap Santa, now let's eat his guts!" Not to poop on someone's holiday traditions here but I'm bewildered as to why you'd want to beat the crap out of an effigy of jolly ol' saint nick. Frosty on the other hand I totally get, he can be a real pompous ass....

If you're going to give a religious message this holiday season, a blow molded light up plastic messiah is probably not the best way to go.

I've always wanted to put a life size Liberace on front lawn for the month of December, leaving my neighbors wondering what it's about and never directly answering their question.

Toys of Wish Lists Past......

Zoodles, the animal appliances! My neighbor's kid sister had these and I played with them when I was way too old to be doing so. Now, it's out there and I don't care who knows.....

Fonz Pinball looks like one of those gifts that Dad would buy for the family but secretly he just wanted a pinball machine. I still have the one my dad drug home.

More Tomorrow!

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