Thursday, December 07, 2006


space 1999 goodies

The Space:1999 merchandising explosion was a one year affair but some really cool toys made it out during that period. The pinnacle (for me, besides the Mego figures) is the Mattel Eagle Playset with figures, this was two years before Star Wars, nobody had ever done a space ship with 3 3/4" figures before.

I've owned this piece several times in my life, it's HUGE and doesn't really fit in with my collection, I always end up selling it and losing money. I saw one last month at a toyshow and came close to a "re buy" until i had a premonition of what my wife would say. Common sense sometimes doesn't apply in toy collecting.


Jon Hunt said...

Had that too, and those little communicator thingies in the lower left!

And a few of the Megos. Man, I had a lotta toys back in the day. (sob)

Anonymous said...

I loves my space 1999 ship, I wish i had one now. Your site rocks!

Anonymous said...

That Eagle spaceship was one of the coolest toys I ever owned. The jets and pilot's cabin came off, and would fit together as a mini-spaceship, which was cool. The actions figures each had a little ray gun shaped liked an upside down "u" from the show.


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