Thursday, March 19, 2020

Origins of Remco Dracula!

My friend Matt strikes again! This time he's uncovered another toy mystery, just exactly who was the source material for the Dracula on this Remco Makeup box? The answer might blow your mind. More after the jump.

Now, to begin, Remco famously sourced the Dracula from their 9" figure box from the modifying an image of Robert Quarry as Count Yorga.

However, we never knew where the Dracula on the makeup kit came from, this is the kind of thing that drives a collector mad, fortunately Matt solved the puzzle. 

It’s Udo Kier from “Blood for Dracula” (aka Andy Warhol’s Dracula)

As Matt succinctly puts it "How hilarious that an X-rated film will serve as the model for a children’s makeup package." I couldn't agree more, you wouldn't think a Dracula obsessed with "Whurgins" would be anywhere near the toy department and yet, there he was, 40 years ago.

Thanks to Matt for the awesome discovery and the smile.

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DBenson said...

Clearly the Universal Frankenstein (note the TM symbol by his name), but is the face based on Karloff, Glenn Strange, or neither?

Was this before or after actors' estates began fighting for control of their images? If after, that might explain why it's not Bela Lugosi on either product.

Pulsar'sBizarreAdventure said...
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Pulsar'sBizarreAdventure said...

Pretty sure that's Karloff. I think I even remember that shot in the movie.


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