Monday, March 02, 2020

A 1970s McDonalds Costume Catalog

My friend Justin sent this to me yesterday and I can say without hyperbole that it's the greatest thing I'll ever see. If you've ever wondered how much "the Hamburglar" cost or if there was a checklist for Ronald McDonald's magic tricks, your quest is at an end today. 

$975 for the Hanburglar, do you take Paypal?

When our local McDonald's opened our Ronald had a thick Ukrainian accent, leading many of us to believe that Ronald was supposed to sound like that.

Bless you Justin for this amazing look behind the curtain.

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Danny said...

The first order form with the higher prices looks like it's from the 80s because they have Birdie listed and she wasn't around during the 70s. Also a little disappointing that there are pics and portrayal instructions for Big Mac and Mayor McCheese but, no costume available to purchase apparently. That'd be a trip to own either of those masks.

Gamera977 said...

Oh wow what a cool find! Seems odd to me they ask on all the costumes for an actor between 5'2" to 5'9". I'm 5'11"-180cm- just seems weird I'm considered too tall to play any of them.

DBenson said...

These days it's hard to imagine a corporation like McDonald's selling mascot costumes outright except to huge franchisees. They'd want to control the costumes and the performers who wear them, lest a disgruntled teenage in a ratty Ronald costume go viral. There'd definitely be a strict rulebook.

Do the McDonald's characters still appear in public? I recall when they'd promote Ronald's appearances, usually hour-long visits scheduled at several different locations over a weekend. In recent years I've only seen a "real" Ronald in the Macy's parade.

Back in the 80s, by random chance I wore an official Smokey the Bear costume for a local parade. There was a single-spaced page of instructions on a government letterhead. Among other things, Smokey was not allowed to handle matches, lighters or cigarettes in any context.

Barry said...

I'm gonna say for the 70's or 80's these costumes are pricy!

YesterdayIsNow said...

Did people really cosplay as Grimace in the 80s? $3,000?! Nerds must have been loaded in those days.


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