Friday, July 20, 2018

Planet of the Apes Galloping Action Doctor Zaius

I did something irresponsible the other day (and I was sober!) and bought this remote control Dr. Zaius from AHI. I'd always wanted one and hoped to make a video of him riding. I got one foot and he stopped moving!

Anyway, I couldn't stop staring at how wonderful a toy it was so I thought I'd share it until i figure out how to get him moving again.

I don't think I'll spring for the Galen in this set but I'm tempted, I love that they both have rifles.

It's actually quite nice for what would be considered a dime store toy.

Even the horse loose good!

The Ape hieroglyphics sticker really seals the deal for me.

Whoa Girl!

The thing I might love most about this is the big yellow sun from the TV series opening, it's the little things.

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1 comment:

Armpit Studios said...

OMG! How cool is that? And yes, the TV opening sun and grass background is tits.


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