Wednesday, July 18, 2018

TV stars 1978

Wow, throw in a Mr Kotter doll and you've got a great episode of "Battle of the Network Stars"


Unknown said...

Firstly is that Wonder Woman figure Mego and secondly I can't see The Hardy Boys without thinking of South Park " I'm getting a raging clue"! - Mark J

Sam G said...

The only thing missing for a Battle of the Network Stars (besides a Gabe Kaplan) is a Robert Conrad doll with asshole grip!

Seventiesfan said...

Nice ad. I have nearly all of them. It's interesting that you mention Mr. Kotter because Gabriel Kaplan (Mr. Kotter) on a kayak is what I most remember about Battle of the Network Stars.

And yes, Sam G, I remember Robert Conrad's little hissy fit. It was quite comical.

John H said...

I just watched that whole fiasco on Youtube. That was fun! A raceoff!


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