Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Janex Talking Alarm Clocks

As a kid, I really wanted this Batman talking alarm clock by Janex but I now think over time I would have to grown to hate Batman.

 I'm not a morning person.

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John H said...

I had the Batman alarm clock. Very cool and I played it a lot for fun.....but hated it when it went off in the morning.

Sam G said...

Yeah. At least the Raggedy Ann clock asks politely.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you would have.
Some well-meaning relative bought this Anon a talking Star Wars clock with R2-D2 and C-3PO to soften the blow of going back to school. Took only three or four months before that thing killed my enthusiasm for "everyone's favorite droids". Starting the second half of the school year after Christmas vacation was worse, much worse.

Interesting how the girls' clock takes a pleading, conciliary tone... -asking- kids to get up. The boys' clock gives an order. Gender role models... this is how it starts. Probably reading too much into everything, or maybe not. Sam G. noticed.

TR4 said...

Then Batman says:
"Hey. Stop him! ROBIN has stolen my car!" :D


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