Monday, July 23, 2018

Three Hombres

Meet Slick Rick, Mr. Steel and Sweet Jimmy. Three Vietnam vets who are going to clean Detroit city up the hard way!

Now playing at the Odeon, Marx and Regent theatres!

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Unknown said...

And we're back to Roger Moore and the wardrobe for Live and let die! Seriously I'm from the UK and we had just as many man-made fibres but not the climate you have in the US, did you all just cope with huge amounts of Downy???- Mark J

Ned H said...

So, this is interesting. I have some script-writing software on my computer and I copied and pasted your caption for this post into it, and the darn program has just started going and going with a continuation of your story. That movie is literally writing itself....

Anonymous said...

I like how the ad says " All sold as suits only" for fear someone would wear those pieces with something too flashy?


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