Wednesday, May 09, 2018

BIG toys week: The Wayne Foundation by Mego Corporation

The Mego Wayne Foundation is like a Barbie Dreamhouse but it's for Batman, so it's completely awesome and not a doll house.

For this entry, I can swipe all the photos from the MegoMuseum because I work there (mainly to steal stuff from the break room and use the photocopier).

I never had the set as a kid but i saw it in a comic book and it haunted me. I must admit that I LOVE THIS PLAYSET! 

I bought one when i was 17, sold it in college (for beer money) and then bought another one from a struggling college student who needed beer money (Circle of Life!).

This 40-inch tall playset was sort of the zenith for Mego World's Greatest Superheroes, as the line started to decline the following year as kids started getting more interested in Star Wars and 3 3/4" action figures. Man, it went out with a bang!

This is the original prototype from the Mego archive, shame they ditched the plants.

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YesterdayIsNow said...

Awesome playset. The prototype looks more like a BatCondo.

. said...

So I've wanted to know for a year or so now, who's the fourth villain on the screens? They clearly have Joker, Riddler, Lex Luthor, and some other bald guy. I've never been able to see a picture that's close enough to it to figure this out.


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