Thursday, May 10, 2018

BIG Toys Week: GI Joe Big Trapper

The GI Joe Big Trapper vehicle is a kind of a bittersweet item for me. I really wanted it for my birthday that year but ultimately chose the Capture Copter, either way, I kind of won. The only downer was, these were the last GI Joe vehicles ever made.

Many collectors view the Big Trapper as the "Poor cousin" of the Mobile Support Unit produced a couple of years earlier and well, I get that, it's a quality vehicle full of science fiction flair.

Nobody is wrong here but for me, the big trapper just captures that "Ark 2" vibe and well, I was five years old when it came out.

Above is the British version, usually Palitoy made things cooler but i prefer the Hasbro big yellow.

This is mine, I got it in a flea market outside of Buffalo NY right after college. Even though it was bigger than my apartment at the time, I couldn't resist it's $20 price tag. I still have the cage somewhere too. Every time I look at it I think of the day that I bought it and it still brings me joy.

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YesterdayIsNow said...

Cool. Looks like a forerunner of the HISS tank. Speaking of which, I suppose you mean this is the last Adventure Team vehicle, as there are certainly a lot more Joe vehicles to come in the 80s.

Armpit Studios said...

Hmm, I'd never seen this. I still have my Mobile Support Unit and khaki jeep.

Seventiesfan said...

Someday I'll get a GI Joe vehicle/playset for all my GI Joes. I have a bunch, including 2 Palitoy Action Men. I do have the treadmill and mini comic book from the Secret Mountain Outpost playset. I bought it on Ebay with a second Atomic Man, wearing the outfit that comes with the Outpost playset.

benestro138 said...

What are they gonna do with all them Invaders?


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