Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Make Brushing Fun!

How is that we don't have adult versions of these things now? 


Anonymous said...

I sooooo wanted a snoopy, electric toothbrush, while growing up! :)

As I remember it- the art on the s.e. toothbrush's box, was pretty good, too!

The box had Charlie Brown, + others, telling you how great
the toothbrush is. :)

Anonymous said...

Superman, in a bold fashion mood, is wearing [black trunks], today.

Whaa? :D

top_cat_james said...

I got the Snoopy model for Christmas, but I always remembered not having it for very long. Now I see why - replacement brushes $2.99 each.

Mickey's version is promoting a syndicated TV series that ran from 1972-73.

Melissa said...

Wow! We had both the Snoopy and Raggedies versions. I had totally forgotten them!


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