Thursday, March 26, 2015

Man of Denim

For the gentleman that holds all his business luncheons at strip clubs..


Anonymous said...

'scuse me, bub. Mistuh Silvestriano sent me 'n Louie over here to see if you wuz tryin' to be funny wit dat crack 'bout strip clubs. See, da Silvestriano Fambly is completely legiti- legiti- thanks Louie, yeah, legitimate.

This here is a legit after-hours gentleman's club and we've got three vice badges on the payroll to prove it! If Mistuh Silvestriano likes denim, fuhgeddaboudit!

'sides... you seen what Freddy Corleone is wearin' at HIS club these days, huh? The guy looks like he should be runnin' a cat-house for the Tattaglias.

Chris said...

Look, a real Canadian Tuxedo..


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