Sunday, March 22, 2015

Colouring Book Theatre: Six Million Dollar Man

The Six Million Dollar Man: Coloring Book By Saalfield  (1975), 
         I've done Six Million Dollar Man books before by Saalfield, but I always enjoy another dip into the Bionic Craze.

Colouring books are usually a mixed bag depending on what reference materials they give the artist, this may be the first time I can accurately deduce exactly what the artist had to work with.

Grab your crayons and beam down me after the jump

LOTR coloring book

The likeness is really sharp in this one, incredibly so and as a bonus, the kid who had this can color well.

LOTR coloring book

This was my first tip off this was based on something other than a bunch of stills, cause I went "Hey that's Victor from "Days of our Lives"!". Planet of the Apes fans know Eric Braeden as Doctor Haslein but I did my soap opera duty back in college, so he'll always be Victor to me....

Lord of the Rings coloring book

On the flip side is David McCallum with cheesy moustache, this forced me to IMDB and I found this is all based on the second TV Movie "Wine, Woman and War". It's very early in the series and a little different than the series itself.

Lord of the Rings coloring book

Hey Steve, eyes up front. 

Lord of the Rings coloring book

I love when Colouring books put the brakes on a story.

Lord of the Rings coloring book

The Bionic Action comes at the end and it's pretty faithful, you'd think the artist could embellish a little. I remember the comic books gave Steve a laser beam eye.

Lord of the Rings coloring book

We're never treated to a shot of the explosion, which, I dunno....MAY HAVE BEN FUN TO COLOR but it's a minor tick in an otherwise pretty cool book!

Thanks again Tracy for the donation! If you have a submission for colouring book theatre drop me a line at brick *at*!


Anonymous said...

Victor Newman was in Young and the Restless not Days of Our Lives!!! Geez man.... Stefano Demara was the bad guy on "Days". Turn in your cereal bowl and remote control Mister!!!

Anonymous said...

Eric Braedon will always be Hauptman Diedrich to me and my fellow Rat Patrol fans.

Rockwell J. Pugglesworth said...

Eric Braedon will always be the cruise ship werewolf to me and my fellow Kolchak: The Night Stalker fans.

Seventiesfan said...

I have two Six Million Dollar Man coloring books, but I don't have this one. Next stop: Ebay.
"Stephanie" must have thought that Britt Ekland looks better as a brunette. Eric Braedon also played a villain on "Charlie's Angels". I enjoyed watching Tanya Roberts beat the poop out of him.


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