Thursday, March 19, 2015

6 Million Dollar Man Bionic Video Center

kenner steve austin tv

I've joked about the Bionic Video Center in the  past but there is no way as a kid that I wouldn't have wanted this.  Steve is reliving his glory days, he needs a six pack.

Bionic Favourites:

1976 Kenner Six Million Dollar Man Catalog 1977 Kenner Six Million Dollar Man Catalog 1978 Kenner Six Million Dollar Man Catalog


Dar said...

So I'm guessing Plaid Stallions is suffering from the same disease as i-Mockery: Neglecting the main site in favor of simple blog posts.

Mark West said...

That is so cool - the kid-me would have loved this (don't know if it ever made it over to the UK)

Anonymous said...

The only thing that could make this cooler is a vintage Super 8 film cassette titled "Steve Austin In The Bionic Video Center".

Then you'd have a TV show character becoming a toy who watches an episode of himself as a toy watching an episode of his TV show character.

From the look of the cassette, I think it might be compatible with the some of the other 70's crank-wound players which opens ALL kinds of possibiliites. Steve Austin settles down and watches "Star Wars"!

Don't laugh, the "Star Wars" cassette had most of the highlights from the film!

Chris said...

The cassette looks like it probably would have worked with my "Action Viewer", which was a hand-cranked box with a handle and an eyepiece that sort of looked like a movie camera. I had Disney's "Three Little Pigs" and "Swiss Family Robinson" cassettes with mine.


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