Friday, October 31, 2014

Pod Stallions Episode 23: Monster Movies

As we are both lovers of Monster Cinema or some call it "Creature Features" it makes sense for J and B to count down their top ten favourite Monster movies.

By favourite, we do not mean "best" or greatest, just our personal favourites.

Our top tens vary wildly which makes for an interesting discussion, Jason seems to prefer classic film while Brian seems to enjoy mostly junk food. The list wildly ping pongs between the houses of Hammer, Toho, Hemisphere, Independant International and SeƱor Spielbergo.

 Along the way we discuss Karloff, Chaney, Yaphet Kotto, Stephen King, Doctor Who, Paul Naschy, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and loads more. 

Happy Halloween from Pod Stallions!

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Anonymous said...

fyi, bolaji badejo also portrayed the alien alongside, eddie powell. i believe powell primarily did the scenes that required difficult stunt work that badejo couldn't do.

Klara said...

Awesome podcast guys!

Those films I have not seen I will get. Now!


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