Friday, October 03, 2014

1974 Kusan Halloween Catalog

Kusan may not be as well known as Ben Cooper or Collegeville for Halloween  and they certainly didn't get the "A" licenses but they sure knew how to create some innovative and highly creative costumes.

From ideas like combining a kazoo into a Halloween mask to

Licensing teen heartthrobs like David Cassidy,  this is not just a fun trip but it's also one of the prettiest and well designed toy catalogs I've ever seen.

  ben cooper catalog


Shawn Robare said...

This catalog is great! I need all those skeleton costumes, pronto!

Unknown said...

There is also a 1973 Kusan catalog as well; I do have the '73 book along with an actual David Cassidy costume still boxed in my collection.

Jody said...

Kids running around all hopped up on candy WITH KAZOOS!?! I love kids and all, but that is where I draw the line!!!


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