Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Warrior's Battle Jacket

This vintage ad used to perplex me as a kid, mainly, why would they make adult sizes? Granted, I grew up slightly rural but I could not fathom an adult that would wear a warrior's battle jacket, certainly not an adult woman.

I wish I could send comic con footage to my nine year old self sometimes...


Tex said...

I had one of those jackets (ordered it from the back of Famous Monsters of Filmland.)

It was screen accurate, down to thew clasps, patch, and pins.

Bit it came in a size too small.

My Best Bud could wear it with no problems, so I ended up giving it to him (AFTER taking the patch and pins, natch.)

(wishing he'd ordered the Battle Pack as well)

John III said...

Geez. How flippin cool is that!

david_b said...

Count me among the thousands who begged their mom for one of these.

Once I saw one just 2yrs later at college, I was glad I skipped. The one I saw was too tan on color, unlike the series.

Leaping ahead 20yrs, I went to the 20th Yarhen LA Con there they had much better reproductions. STILL couldn't convince my brand-new wife to let me buy one.

"Oh, the day will come..."


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