Friday, July 20, 2012

Mall Batman Roundup

Mall Batman

The Dark Knight opensthis weekend and I'm still busy working on my book but I wanted to do something "Bat Themed" for the occasion. What better than to mine the Mall Appearance Archive for shots of the caped crusader in action? This one from a 1980 Columbus car show that Larry sent in is one of my favourites. More Dynamic duos after the jump!

Mall Batman
Here's Scott C with another shot from "Frogtown Frolics", at Thompson Park in Colts Neck, NJ. This time it's Batman and Robin and even though Scott admits they looked kinda bogus, it was still a big thrill to meet heroes in costume like this. It looks to me like the 36 year old "boy wonder" in this pic has a perm, "Holy Mike Brady!"

Mall Batman

Cat sent in this "1970something" shot of him shaking hands with none other than Burt Ward in full Robin regalia at a Rockford Car Show. Ward still looks like he jumped out of 1966 here, so it really must have been to meet Robin live and in person like that.

Paul Novak sent in these amazing shots from Chicago in 1975. As superhero appearances go, this is the top of the food chain. Adam West and Burt Ward live and in costume as Batman and Robin. Even though both men still tour, you'll never see them in their bat duds again.
Mall Batman
Lou also sent in this picture of him with Batman and Robin, this is from a "Meet the DC Superheroes" review show I've blogged about in the past. Lou promises
 more pictures so stay tuned

My pal Bill (aka Wee67) from the Megomuseum forums sent over this grooving shot of him meeting the caped crusader in what looks like a shoe department, cool shirt Bill!.

More Batfun

plaid Stallions mall appearance gallery

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Anonymous said...

hey there ... the photo of Batman and Robin from "Frogtown Frolics" is madly going around the internet as a pic of Lou Reed and John Cale doing a kid's birthday party ... what do you think about that?


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