Monday, July 02, 2012


"you know what this shirt lacks? Some clip on ruffles"-
A sentence that has never been said aloud.


SunyDay76 said...

Blue looks at the photographer and says, "Really", While brown looks off with a sigh and says, "Get it overwith so I can get this crazy thing off." Gray and Black just look at each other in disbelief.

Gray says, "I have worn some crazy stuff for Sears, but this is truly the worst!"

Black silently thinks, "I kinda like it."

RaphEmer said...

"A sentence that has never been said aloud".

That line about ruffles is a sentence that should never have been allowed to have been said.

The two top shirts definitely have the worst ruffles, but the points on the collars of the bottom two...surprised the models hadn't stabbed themselves.

Anonymous said...

Move over tuxedo shirt there's a new sheriff in town....



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